KWQ004 - Kubernetes Monitoring Web Quest

Monitoring a kubernetes environment including nodes, services, deployments, as well as application availability as well as logs is important for a kubernetes administrator. With this web quest, your task is to dive deeper into the kubernetes monitoring infrastructure and make recommendations.


Your task is to work in your group, research on monitoring architecture as well as tools available, and try to find answers to the following questions. You will present on the topic briefly.


  • Explain the Kubernetes Monitoring Architecture briefly
  • Whar are the monitoring solutions available for kubernetes ? Which one would you recommend and why ?
  • What are the aspects of kubernetes environment and yoyr infastructure that you would monitor ? Does introduction to kubernetes have an effect on any of the aspects being monitored ?
  • Which grafana dashboard did you find most useful ?


Following is the process you could loosely follow,

  • Start researching on web and reading individually about the topic. Reference the links and articles in the resources section while you do so.
  • Reflect on how it could apply to your work environment. Speak with with the relevant teams in your organisation if needed gain insights into current implementation, what are the issues being faced. Think about how you could you apply the knowledge you have researched on.
  • Have a group discussion with within your group, exchange what you have learnt as well as your experience with the topic in your prior/existing projects. You may come up with the notes and common points you would like to present.
  • Prepare a short 5/10 minutes presentation to explain the topic and answer the questions given in the task section above.